About Us

RightLoan was established in 1999 with a commitment to innovation in residential mortgage broking. Understanding that personal service combined with great technology was the way of the future, RightLoan launched on the Internet, becoming one of the first to use that medium to reach people across Australia.

Whilst lenders and brokers have now followed suit with their own websites, RightLoan has continued taking the lead by offering other value-add services to their customers, such as the bi-monthly Newsletter. This has been an incredibly popular way for borrowers to keep informed of what is happening in the home loan market.

In 2004, RightLoan commissioned the development of software to help home owners and property investors track their loans, evaluate property investments and manage their budgets. Since the initial launch of the Homekit software, Real Estate listings and tax information has been added, making it a fantastic tool for home owners and investors alike.

Rightloan is now offering customers a free Home Value report to help them keep in touch with property values in their neighbourhood. Another great offer for RightLoan customers.

Despite providing customers with great free tools, reports and information, RightLoan does not charge a fee for its service. When a RightLoan Consultant arranges home loan finance on behalf of a customer they will receive an upfront and trail commission from the lender. Prior to applying for finance each borrower will be provided with specific information about the commissions paid by the lenders as part of our open commission policy.

Contact us

You can contact RightLoan at:

Email: homeloans@rightloan.com.au
Phone: +61 2 8514 8113 or Freecall 1800 288 113
Fax:+61 2 8514 8123