Why RightLoan

At RightLoan we are committed to providing personal service and innovation. Our clients always talk to us first when they are thinking of changing their home loan finance. Many of our new customers are introduced to us by people who have enjoyed our services in the past. This is because they trust us, value our service and are confident that we will find a great deal for them and their friends and family.

RightLoan can arrange finance for a wide variety of purposes including:

  • First home owners
  • Self-employed borrowers
  • Commercial properties
  • Construction & renovation
  • Debt Consolidation

With access to more than 20 lenders and a rapidly growing range of products, RightLoan can find a suitable home loan for most people.

Our consultants work flexible hours and are happy to arrange to visit or call you after hours. We understand that not everyone is available during the standard office hours.

RightLoan consultants keep abreast of the daily changes in lender products and policies with regular training and industry-leading tools.

Software used by our Consultants provides detailed and accurate information about borrowing costs, home loan features and eligibility for a home loan. All Mortgage Consultants use the software to create reports specific to their customer's situation and have access to dedicated lender hotlines for complex scenarios.